Men’s suits are more than just a jacket and a pair of pants. Suits deal with many elements, including the fit, lapel design, and the number of buttons on the jacket. This complete guide will elaborate important elements of suits you need to know.


It refers to the overall suit shape and it’s not simply about wearing too tight or too loose. Finding a proper one is the key.

  • Classic Fit

Widely found in traditional suits, classic fit gives a slightly generous cut, so that you can feel more comfortable. It is suitable for formal and semi-formal events, like office and wedding receptions.

  • Slim Fit

It is tailored to be fitted on the chest and shoulders, and tapered along the body. Showing your natural body shape, you can wear it on semi-formal to casual occasions.

  • Modern Fit

Modern fit serves as a transition between classic and slim fit. Still presenting a narrower shape, the suit jacket allows extra room and does not hug the body too tightly. It is versatile for wedding receptions to fun events.



A lapel refers to the collar design of a suit jacket.

  • Notch Lapel

It is the most common collar design in a suit jacket. The collar is stitched at a particular V-like angle. Adaptable and classic, it is the safest option of lapels that can be found in business attire to give a formal and appropriate look.

  • Peak Lapel

You can find it in double-breasted suit jackets, tailcoats, or tuxedos for formal occasions. The collar tips form a gorge, extending out towards the top to give a broader look on shoulders and chest.

  • Shawl Lapel

It is a continuous round collar design, without any gorge or notch, from the neck until below the chest. Commonly used on formal evening wear and tuxedos, shawl lapel is usually made from a more contrast and exclusive fabric, like shining satin, to give an expensive and formal look.



This element signifies the number of buttons you might have on a particular suit.

  • Single-breasted suit jacket

This cut is characterized with one row of buttons down the center. Easily found in formal suit jacket and business attire, it can create a taller and elongated silhouette.

  • Double-breasted suit jacket

It is noticeable with two symmetrical rows of buttons at the center, with each row may consist of two up to four buttons. One row is functional, and the other serves as decorative details. This cut gives a neat and stylish look for a more formal fashion.


Without any professional help, choosing the most perfect suit can be so perplexing and exhausting. There are so many elements to consider. Please contact our design specialist at to have a thorough experience in finding the best suits. Our team will provide the most helpful insight and advice regarding all suits you might need.