inject your personal style in your shirt and suit

No suit can complement the shirt if the fitting is imperfect, and no shirt can look the best if the suit is drowning it. 

The combination of shirt and suit plays a very important role in projecting the best look of a man. For every occasion, different designs and models are assigned to show varieties in looks. Regardless the taste of clothes, most men have tons of shirts hanging in his wardrobe, as shirts have become one of the basic attire for any occasion. Whether smart or formal, shirt is always the main choice, combined with a suit for a fashion upgrade.

For men, having to purchase ready to wear shirts and suits is a common thing, as the focus is mostly on the quantity and not quality. Branded attires may be the choice, yet how perfect is the fitting on you? Ready to wear shirts are designed for general fittings, where the measurement may not be perfectly right for you. Several obvious problems where your shirt has a baggy arms or broader collar are not new to ready to wear bought shirts. Sometimes, you still need to follow the market trends even though the model may not suit you well. This works the same for ready to wear suits. Many suggests on alteration solutions, but how perfect can it be when it is not really made for you? Remember, a point difference does make a huge effect on your look!

A famous fashion retail director, Steven Quin, once said, “It’s an individual choice of fit, cuff style, collar style and shape, fabric and cut that gives a man exactly what he wants, reflecting his character.” No other better choice of quality that a man can gain but from a bespoke tailored suit and shirt. The freedom of choosing fabrics, colours and models based on personal preferences and needs can project the best outcome for the final look itself. Build your confidence knowing that your attire is one in a million look! Create your own sophisticated look and match them with your character. Well, the world will always see the quality of your style and character from the way you dress, right? So, why compromise!

Wondering from where is the best way to start? Hariom’s tailor will guide you based on the years of experiences to customize the best attire, only made for you. Your perfection is our satisfaction! Consult with us for your bespoke style at or simply drop by at our showroom.