the convenience of going custom made suit

“The Convenience of going Custom-Made”

(Yes, we wrote the correct word ‘convenience’ and we are not talking about off-the-rack clothing)

Numerous times blogs and articles have explored the benefits of going custom made Vs off the rack clothing.. Yet, a simple reason called ‘convenience’ ends up giving mass-produced clothing or the crown and therefore the winner to this game.

However, ask someone who have tasted the luxury of going custom made and the word “convenience’ will once again come on his list, together with flexibility, uniqueness, fine tailoring and more…

Now, you must wonder how did the word ‘convenience’ get in there when getting a bespoke suit or customized shirt may need several visits to the tailor, from the time of fabric selection, design consultation, measurement, fitting etc. Time and Effort are the 2 probable perfect words, assumed.

Before we analyze this further, ask yourself a question “How many times have I altered an off-the-rack clothing item?” Even if it were a designer piece outfit… And “How many times did I sigh in relief to find something that fits me just well?” Chances are, getting something that’s perfectly fitted may have been the by-product of trips to different malls or sheer luck.

Therefore, its simple and clear that someone who is used to the ease and perfection of custom clothing to also say its a convenient way for him to get his shirts, trousers and suits – just the way he likes it – with just the right fit! 

Saving trips to the department store, avoiding traffic (naturally bespoke tailors come to your home/office if needed), and familiarity (where once your tailor knows your size and fit, orders can even be done via phone or email) are all reasons that falls under one word – “convenience”..!