Bespoke Tailoring

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“Once reserved for the elite few, bespoke suiting draws meaning from the old English tradition of a cloth been spoken for.”

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At Hariom’s, we believe every customer is unique and wants their unique style to be celebrated. To do exactly that, we have an experienced team of 6 master cutters and 55 tailors and an in-house catalogue of over 3000 fabrics including exclusive European labels.

The bespoke process at Hariom’s still revels in the tailoring traditions of our grandfather, encompassing over 55 hours of workmanship. After the cloth consultation, during which style, fit and feel will be considered, measurements are taken so your paper pattern is ready to be drafted.

First time clients often need two to three fittings after to guarantee a well-structured silhouette. Since our founding, the Hariom’s silhouette has been updated – paving way for the comfort and conveniences needed by the modern-day gentleman. Shoulders are slimmer, the waist is more pronounced so you look sharp and contemporary in the boardroom and at formal occasions. We also offer bespoke shirts, blazers, sports jackets and overcoats.

We pride ourselves on using a full canvas and the highest quality thread, linings, cottons and linen, giving strength and fluidity to our product. After-sales care is also part of the Hariom’s philosophy and we will alter and fix the garment whenever at no extra charge.