Tailoring Services


Batik by Harioms Tailor

Every single Batik that we procure is arduously hand-made by experienced artisans who, in keeping with the high-standard tradition, could spend several months up to a year to finish a piece.

By using luxurious materials such as superfine cotton and silk, organza, and linen, each batik fabric stands out as a unique work of art—the epitome of Indonesian textile heritage and craftsmanship. These authentic and contemporary pieces can be used to make long sleeve or short sleeves shirt for men and dresses or blouses for women.


Suits by Harioms Tailor

We guide you through cuts, styles, designs and fabrics that work for you. We then use your measurements to construct a suit using a floating canvas and Bemberg linings, which is finally hand finished and pressed by our bespoke team.

Our signature cut is the structured, slim, light padded Jacket where the silhouette is fitted through the chest, tapers into the waist and pulls back with a little kick to create a tall, lean line. A look that is elegant and gentleman like.


Shirts by Hariom's

Our made to order service makes available a wealth of choices: over 1,000 different fabrics, six cuff shapes and four collar styles. For something extra special, monograms can be added to the front pocket or cuff in your preferred color.


Trousers by Harioms Tailor

Look unique and sharp in our tailor-made pants. Choose your own style and select from various fabrics available including denim, cotton and woolen fabrics. Our tailored made pants include jeans, chinos and formal pants.


Overcoat by Hariom's Tailor

Our custom made overcoats are constructed in either a pure wool fabric or pure cashmere fabric available in various designs and made according to your styling preferences. Our overcoats will be made to your exact measurements to fit over your suit jacket perfectly, or alternatively can be made more snug if used without a suit jacket.

Leather Jackets

Leather Jacket by Hariom's Tailor

Get a leather jacket made that is totally unique. You choose the leather, style, color & fit. Our design consultant guides you through each step from the creative process to production. We have the finest quality leathers ranging from lambskin, sheepskin and goatskin to buffalo-hide and cow-hide.

Ceremonial Suits

Ceremonial Suits by Hariom's Tailor

Work with your wedding stylist to design the perfect wedding suit, detailed with your own personal touches. During your visit we will show you the latest wedding suit designs from our catalogue and provide insight on which one is best suited for your skin tone, personality, type of event and its location.

Women's Garments

Women's Garments by Hariom's Tailor

Assemble a stylish work wardrobe with our tailored clothing for women. Explore our signature tailoring services available in an array of new materials and exquisite designs. Our services includes tailor made blazers, skirts, blouses, shirts and dresses.