Suit Construction

Tailored clothing pivots the wardrobe of any gentleman. At Hariom’s we want to help you create these garments that withstand the test of time and trends but we understand that not all essentials require the luxuries of a full-blown bespoke process.

So we offer two tailoring processes – fully bespoke, our premium line, and semi-bespoke, where quality meets value.

Bespoke Suits Making

Bespoke Suits

The ultimate in luxury is a fully hand-stitched Hariom’s bespoke suit. We use the best and most experienced tailors and cutters to design and handcraft a garment that is unique to your body, taste and lifestyle.

We consider it a creative collaboration between you and us, providing intermediate fittings and involving your input, if you desire, at every step. We draft individual patterns to the cloth of your choosing, which are then scrupulously hand cut and stitched using the highest quality canvasses, haircloth, cotton, linen, thread and linings. We can vary the style according to the occasion in mind and our detailed finishing results in an impeccably fitting, one-of-a-kind suit.

Semi Bespoke Suits Making

Semi Bespoke-Suits

Our semi-bespoke suit offers Hariom’s fit and tailoring traditions without the fully bespoke price tag. While we don’t offer as many fittings and a fully hand stitched canvas, our semi-bespoke process offers several advantages over made-to-measure.

We still draft individual patterns that are retained for future use and our jackets are shaped and padded by hand instead of machine. We handwork collars and lapels for a flawless appearance and fall and a half canvas is sewn in place to give the correct drape to the jacket. Apt for work wear and casual essentials, think solid colored, single-breasted coats, our semi-bespoke suits will make you sail through work as well as smarter evening occasions.