Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage clients, potential and on-going, to come to us with all their sartorial queries. With over 70 years in tailoring experience, our expertise is ever-ready to lend a helping hand. Do send in further questions to

Do not dry clean suits too often, unless you have had a spill. Get them pressed regularly but, never store any garments in their protective dry-cleaning bags as they encourage mildew and harden fabrics. Like an aged wine, a fine suit needs to breathe. We also carry in-store shirt and trouser fabrics that are easily machine washable, making dry-cleaning a thing of the past. Inquire about these fabrics on your next visit.

Yes, of course. Either bring in an illustration of the style you prefer or sit down with us and design from scratch. Some of the other garments we can custom-make include sport jackets, blazers, overcoats, waistcoats and anything else you believe deserves fine tailoring.

It is a numbering system to describe the new breed of super lightweight, high twist wools. The finer or lighter the wool, the higher the number.

Yes. Home and office appointments are available 7 days a week at any time between 7.30 am to 11.30 am – for Jakarta addresses only. For those residing outside Jakarta, we will make a visit to your city (minimum order quantity applies).

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Any alterations needed on a Hariom’s garment will be taken care of by us, free of charge. We ensure substantial inlays are left during the production process to allow for future alterations.

No, you don’t. Your measurements and noted preferences are kept on file for 4 years. Simply place your order via the phone, outlining the item you desire and the color of your preference, and we will set it into production and deliver when done. In the case of a fluctuation in weight or size however, we encourage you to get measured once again.

Our suits start from Rp. 3.750.000 and our shirtings range from Rp. 1.250.000 and upwards, both depending on the choice of fabric.

The normal delivery time of all our garments is about 5-7 days. Our 24-hour workshop and superior operations management system however, allow us to cater to one-day orders without a compromising of quality. Extra charges apply for express orders.

Yes. We have a set of experienced tailors that solely handles alterations. So for those not ready to dive head-first into the Hariom’s experience, have a taste of our craftsmanship through our alterations department. We approach them the same way we approach our new orders – with absolute care and attention to detail.

We ask why not? At Hariom’s we create the same style savvyness found on catwalks to your specifications and measurements. The Hariom’s fit is completely and unconditionally guaranteed with a garment crafted for you and only you, hence able to accentuate your strongest traits.

With custom-made clothing it is you, the client, who is in control, right from the choice of cloth to the styling you desire. And once you have had a taste of the luxury and impeccable accuracy of a custom made suit, there is no looking back-for an off-the-peg altered garment will always seem off the mark.