Journey of a Suit

More than an item of clothing, a Hariom’s garment is a high-yielding investment for both its intricate personalization and tailoring excellence. At Hariom’s we have trademarked a 5-step program to ensure that each bespoke garment delivers the best look and feel.

Choosing Cloth & Measurements

The birth of a Hariom’s suit begins with a consultation at our showroom or your venue of choice with an assigned personal cutter – one that will remain with you throughout your journey with us.

Approximating 45 minutes, he guides you through the selection of cloth, style, cut, lapel size and shape and other finishes: bringing to life the exact suit you envisioned. He also takes over 30 measurements and jots down preferences, listing everything on file for current and future orders.

Selecting Fabric | Journey of a Suit

Drafting the Pattern

The cutter now staples himself to your order. Transferring your measurements and chosen style to a paper pattern, your suit begins to take form. He chalks said paper pattern to the cloth chosen and begins cutting by hand; while leaving extra cloth at certain seams to allow for future alterations.

Drafting Pattern | Hariom's Tailor


Suit construction begins. Your jacket is assigned to a specialized jacket maker. Your trouser to a trouser veteran and so on. Your cutter oversees the entire production – securing consistency and accuracy at every step.

Workmanship | Craftship | Basted Stiching of a Suit


Your trusted cutter spreads his watchful eye to check on the fall of the suit on your body, making notes of necessary amendments if needed. He checks the length of the jacket and the width of the lapel – the two most important elements of the first fitting.

Other precision points are also ironed out and first time clients may be asked to come in for a second fitting. We aim for absolute perfection.


Finishing & Delivery

After the first fitting, the suit is once again taken apart and re-cut according to the latest amendments and altercations. Once your cutter is happy with the mark ups, your suit goes into hand finishing. The same tailor in step 3 will make the buttonholes and sow in the collars and sleeves.

Pick stitching and embroidery is also added in at this stage. And as he finishes the garment inside and out, the tailor and cutter work together to ensure that your garment is truly one of a kind.

Once finished, the garment is dry cleaned and delivered to you – carrying with it a lifetime guarantee.

Finishing and Detailing