Groomsmen have always been a constant feature of a wedding ceremony. The essence of groomsmen attire is that to complement or match the suits worn by the groom, as well as with the bride and the bridesmaids’s fashion, to create a perfect wedding look altogether. Whether it is tuxedo or suits, the groomsmen attire choices can be another challenge for a groom to decide. There are a number of details, for instance wedding venue, formality, seasons, fabrics, up to color scheme, that need to be considered when choosing a groomsmen attire. In regards to color, here are four color inspirations for groomsmen suits in 2022.

  1. Navy Groomsmen Suits

Black suits are a timeless piece that can bring a classic and formal look. However, navy can be chosen to add a little spark to the groomsmen suits. Navy suits are still classic enough to give a formal and traditional look, but at the same time, they still can give a more lively impression. They can be matched splendidly with a wide variety of other color palettes, including the bridesmaid dress shades. PRO TIP: To provide nice contrast, a white shirt is the best pair for navy suits.


Groomsmen Suit Color Inspiration


  1. Grey Groomsmen Suits

Grey is another versatile color to choose because it is suitable for different seasons, wedding venues, and levels of formality. Darker tones, like dark grey or charcoal, match a more formal and traditional wedding theme. However, softer shades, like light grey, are perfect for more relaxed and seasonal reception events. PRO TIP: Enhance a little personality by adding distinctive accessories, such as pocket squares, ties, or even socks, that can serve as groomsmen gifts.


Groomsmen Suits Color Inspiration


  1. Colorful and Patterned Groomsmen Suits

A more playful color spectrum and customized patterned in groomsmen suits are more common nowadays. Various hues of green, purple, or even pink, with a little touch of patterns like stripes, checks, or even floral are widely chosen.

PRO TIP: The key for not being too much is by doing a fashionable mix-and-match, like combining a brighter suit jacket with darker pants or pairing a bold pattern with a more plain one.


Groomsmen Suits Color Inspiration


  1. Tan Groomsmen Suits

Light suit color and fabrics work well for a spring and summer wedding. Tan and khakis are the other best color options for groomsmen suits because these colors give a casual look and are weather-appropriate. PRO TIP: Try to leave the suit jacket option, and use a bold fashion statement, like suspenders or vest-only, to boost up the sophisticated look, without being too carefree.


Groomsmen Suit Color Inspiration


By tradition, groomsmen suits stick to or complement the groom’s attire, including the color choices. Identical suit color is always good, but it is not necessary. No matter what color scheme is chosen for the groomsmen suits, cohesion is the key. It is important to make all the wedding squad look great and stylish on the spot, as well as on photos and videos. For inquires on the latest fabrics, designs and tailoring services for grooms and groomsmen outfit can be sent to