How To Get Custom Made Suit in Jakarta?

A custom made suit is a style statement. And, Jakarta is just the right place to get one as per your taste and requirements. Renowned for super-speedy, quality and affordable workmanship, tailor shops in Jakarta offer custom tailoring services par excellence. 

If you are hunting for the best custom tailor in Indonesia, let’s understand how to get custom made suit in Jakarta. 

  1. Ask your friends or relatives for recommendations. If one of your friend or relative has had a suit custom made in Jakarta, ask for their feedback.  
  2. Fix an appointment. If you desire to have suit made in Jakarta and that it’s a priority for you, schedule an appointment by collecting the details from the website, for instance, ( Give a call and let them know your requirements. 
  3. Spare an hour or two visiting the tailor shop or ask them to visit you at your office or home at a time that is convenient for you. Communicate and consult your preferences with the cutter with regards to fabrics, measurements, style, buttons, lining and accessories that best suits you. Once you have placed the order, confirm a date for fitting that would be suitable for you. Best to do it in the mornings as Jakarta traffic can get really hectic in the evenings in case you decide to visit them.
  4. During fitting, make sure you consult the changes you would like to make on the garment as per your preferences. Some of the things  that you would need to pay attention:
    • The jacket should lie smoothly over your shoulders and across your back, and should look proportional to your physique and cover your backside. 
    • Pads might help you look more masculine, but they should never be too bulky or obvious, nor should they be so wide as to diminish the appearance of the head.
    • The collar should hug the back of the neck without buckling or pulling. 1/2 inch of your shirt collar should show from under the suit’s collar
    • Lapels should lie flat to your chest, and should never bunch up or buckle
  5. When the garment is done, you can return to the tailor shop to pick up or ask them to send it over to your home or office which should be of no extra charge. 
  6. Once you are satisfied with the fit, your tailor will keep your final pattern/measurements for future orders.
  7. The whole process normally takes a week; however, Hariom’s Tailor can fulfill the requirements within 24 hours, if required. 

Custom made suit is epitome of elegance, attitude and confidence. It is the end result of hard work, perseverance and patience put into by an expert custom tailor. Make sure to get in touch with the best custom tailor in Jakarta, Indonesia – Harioms Tailor, which is providing custom tailoring services for over seven decades.