A custom made suit Harioms Ermenegildo ZegnaTailor


I am sure everyone has come across the quote, “Do clothes really make a man?” In my opinion, the way you look matters a lot. Some may refer to this as being superficial but I beg to differ.

What is the first thing people notice when you walk in the room? Whether you like it or not, it is the way you look. Your appearance makes a lasting impression on every individual you are acquainted to, especially the ones you meet for the very first time. These crucial introductory moments can very well define someone’s perception of you. It is not an estranged fact that employees are hired, business deals are closed, and first dates hit off mainly due to one’s ability to exude confidence. Now, how is one supposed to exude this kind of unbeatable confidence?

Most experts suggest that one of the ways to radiate with exceptional confidence is definitely through being well dressed. When you are comfortable in what you are wearing, it is guaranteed to help you perform at a whole different level.

An essential part of a man’s wardrobe to deliver a versatile and stylish look for all occasions would be a stellar suit customized to every inch of his physique.

You might not have that kind of suit just yet and you may think owning such a suit can cost you a fortune but all it takes is a few important guidelines to make sure you get that perfect suit without breaking your bank – the perfect custom made suit especially for you.

Here are some notable tips to incorporate into a perfect suit:

* Dark Blue in Wool Cloth
Pick a dark enough blue, which appears classier than the usual black and can enhance more of a professional look! A self design subtle texture like stripes, herring bone weave or hopsack will add more depth to an otherwise simple suit.

* Notched Lapel
This is a lapel which is sewn to the collar at an angle, creating a step effect – the kind that marks a killer suit and differentiates it from off-the-rack ones. If you have to own just a single suit, a notched lapel is the one to go with. This is a look you can’t go wrong with. It suits all body types and is versatile for any kind of occasion from business meetings to gallant parties.

* Natural Pads
Avoid heavy or too much padding as it may appear that the suit is wearing you. Most of the time, this natural look can only be achieved by measuring every detail according to your physique.

*Fitted Waist
The silhouette of the jacket should be as such that it wraps perfectly around your waist area without any strains or without you drowning in it.

* Trousers
A pair of trousers with the perfect size, length and fitting can be pulled off by a bespoke tailor as opposed to the ones off the rack. Although flat front trousers are more modern, a conservative two-pleated pair of trousers is the way to go if you opt for a looser fit.

It has been said and proved that simplicity is the utmost sophistication. The lesser the detailing of a suit, the more versatile it can be. It would be much more practical to mix and match different kinds of looks. For instance, you can avoid extra pockets or flamboyant stitch detailing as they can be unnecessary distractions.

No one can deny the effects a good suit brings on its wearer, let alone a custom made suit. This is your opportunity to accentuate your very best features and make flaws actually work for you instead of against you.

Professionals at Hariom’s Tailor offer one-on-one consultation to decide on the best fabrics, fittings and features that make up perfectly fitted suits to match your outstanding personality.
And when it comes to bang for the buck, you will realize that how much you spend on a custom made suit will be worth every rupiah of it.

“Our clothes are too much a part of us for most of us ever to be entirely indifferent to their condition: it is as though the fabric were indeed a natural extension of the body, or even of the soul.“ ~Quentin Bell