Fashionably formal and presentable ermnegildo zegna


We have to admit that most men look absolutely dashing in a crisp, black, formal suit. It somehow gives them a notable, “James Bond” sort of aura that perfectly describes a man of authority. Now as much as we want to dress up like the men in black, the real world requires us to dress in comfortable clothing for manual labor. No matter how early we wake up we always find ourselves running late for work. Either it’s the burnt toast, the spilled coffee or the un-ironed shirt. 

Personally, I think the clothes we wear determine our mood and speak a lot about our personality. We should feel entirely comfortable, happy and relaxed at work. When your clothes look presentable, it states that you’re suave, well groomed and ready to face any challenges. The following is a simple guide to stepping out in business casual attire while maintaining class.

Suit and shirt

Find yourself a suit in a neutral color like gray or navy and complement it with a pastel-colored shirt. It’s fresh, fun and shows the softer side in you. Since business casual doesn’t call for a tie, leaving the first button of your shirt undone and your collar opens instantly makes you look a bit more casual. 

Sports jacket and pants

If you have a sports jacket in earthy tones like brown or khaki, you should be able to match it with a lot of shirts and pants. Opt for a plain, white shirt to go for the classic look. If your tan suit is slightly darker you can go for colors such as cranberry or maroon. The combination states professionalism yet gives a man an edgy look. 

Dress shirt and pants

For those days you want to dress down you can choose a simple shirt with pinstripes and match it with your properly fitted trousers. Not only does pinstripes provides a classic businesslike look, it also makes you look taller. You can also mix them with a conservative, V-neck sweater to go for a smarter look. 

Sweater and jeans

Everybody loves Friday! Everybody at work is generally happier on Fridays since it is a day before the weekend. If you’re allowed to wear jeans on this preferred day, then there’s one rule you need to follow. Make sure your jeans are presentable. This means no holes or rips, and no “dirty denim” jeans either. Make sure your top looks more like a rich sweater rather than a casual sweatshirt. Whatever neck you prefer (turtle, V, or polo), your top should be sophisticated, in good condition, and made of a fine fabric such as merino wool, cashmere, or high-end cotton. 

There is no need to go all out in a full piece suit just to show people that you mean business. Shirts, jackets and sweaters can also serve you the same purpose. Whether or not your workplace has a business casual dress code or strictly a casual one, you should always make sure you look like someone you would want to do business with. Always be presentable, professional and avoid looking sloppy, no matter what industry you belong to. Make an effort to look your best and everyone will want to be associated with you. 

The writer is the business development manager at Hariom’s Tailor & Textile. He may be contacted at