the 007 charisma - get the look - get the attitude

Smooth and Graceful – the 007 Charisma is probably the only attitude statement that has remained the same from the times of Sean Connery until Daniel Craig. From the times when we used to walk into that cinema holding our father’s finger until today, watching the thrilling Skyfall with the girlfriend, the James Bond Attitude and Style is what that has remained the spark of the movies; amongst the electrifying action!

The source of that billion-dollar stance is nothing but billion-dollar bespoke clothing created by Tom Ford and the like. Does this mean its either we fire up the bank account or remain ‘the boy next door’ for life? No! Here are some ways you can get the James Bond look without spending the James Bond money.

Go Bespoke – its almost next to impossible to achieve the sophistication of the 007 character with an off-the-rack suit. No way! Unless you manage to tailor it again a few times, that too is no guarantee. A bespoke suit is perfectly designed to your body’s size and fit; enhancing the best parts of your body and hiding the rest. All Bond suits are bespoke, mind you; in case you’re thinking twice.

It’s a good thing now bespoke clothing are no more reserved for the elite few, but available to you at pocket friendly prices.

The KISS theory – as much as the bonds are prone to mesmerizing kissing scenes with the beautiful bond girls; this theory actually mean, “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. Adapted by Daniel Craig in “Quantum of Solace”, this design and cut are kept at a minimum creating an easy-to-wear dinner suit/tuxedo. A classic 2-button suit in a dark shade is recommended.

Accessorize & Take care of yourself – there’s not much point in wearing a custom tailored suit with the wrong shoes. Always and always wear matching tuxedo/party shoes and shine them please! Belts and cufflinks add up to the look but never go all out – crisp and unpretentious. There are no bonds with long hair and rugged rough chins – so save this look for “die-hard” boldness instead. Bonds are always clean-shaven with a 2-5 inch haircut. Looking sharp and presentable will complete the whole look.

Confidence is the key – always smiling and greeting, being loud and funny and extra cheerful is not ‘confidence’, its ‘over confidence’. Being cool and calm with just a small line for a smile gives a curious aura of elegance and a charm of its own. A warm and polite handshake when meeting friends and dancing eyes when greeting the ladies, will portray confidence just the way projected by the ‘Bonds’.

Oh… And No, you don’t need to carry a gun! 😉