The question that always arises is what is the proper pant length? The answer to that is it’s simply a matter of personal style choice, aesthetics and body type. Here are the most common Pant length as well as some guidance in choosing the right one for you.

1. No Break

The break in a pair of pants is the fold or creasing of the fabric above the bottom of the front of the pant leg where it meets your shoe. A “No Break” simply means that the pant length just kisses the top of the shoe and sits above the ankle. This style works well on younger fashion-forward gentlemen who prefer slimmer pants and appreciates precise tailoring.


No Break Pants Trousers


2. Slight Break

If “no break” and slim-cut is a little too fashion-forward for you but you still want to be a bit contemporary, the slight break is for you. This looks best without a cuff and with the back of the pant leg angled a little longer than the front. Commonly made without cuffs at the bottom, this style is meant for everyone and a popular choice among business person.


Slight Break Pants


3. Medium Break

This is an ideal option for those who are more conservative in style, who don’t want their trousers to be tapered and prefer to go with a cuff at the bottom.


Medium break pants trousers


4. Full Break

For an individual to pull this off, the bottom of the trouser needs to be wider for it to sit right and have just enough fabric pooling at the bottom. This style is a popular choice among middle-aged gentlemen who are slightly on the heavier side.


Full break


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