Black Suit by Hariom's Tailor - Jakarta

Now, you may wonder what is the connection between something external like custom fitted attire with the complex emotional level of the human mind? Many even feel that ‘confidence’ and a sense of natural ease is inborn or God-gifted. Wake up from this illusion as style, elegance, resilience and power can be bought – from the way you look and by what you wear! 

Relating a small scenario where a woman tugs and pulls at the hems of her dress at a party and nervously smiles at everyone hoping no one would notice her beautiful party wear is slightly loose from the back. The same way a man going for his first interview would never be entirely comfortable and at ease with a suit that’s a little too tight at the waist. A shirt with a loose button or a few dangling threads would hardly win a man any score on his very first date. With these scenes in mind it is hardly anymore necessary to list the positive reasons of wearing the perfectly fitted attire!

The question that remains in the air now is “How”? Read on and find three simple steps below that will quietly tap into your inner fashion instincts and bring out the cool, calm, collected person in you…    

First and Foremost: Know What Works and What Hurts!

Experience is the best teacher and this phrase stands true even for the clothes you wear! Through initial experiments and trying out different fits, you will finally capture what suits your body best form head to toe. It will be easy for you to spot what looks good and works for your whole look and what basically dresses you down. With this confirmation saved in your mind like data on a computer, you will tend to select your attire with such ease and self-assurance that you will certainly have a walk that speaks confidence and full-on sureness.  

Second and Constant: Find that Fit and Get Hooked.

Most people have a favorite brand that either melt their hearts with the mere announcement of “new arrivals” or lead them to a shopping frenzy with the slight whisper of the word “sale”. The same way when a brand feels right to you in terms of style, fit and highlights your persona, ensure that you remain loyal to it. Alternately, if off-the-rack clothing and ready brands is not your style, getting your clothes custom fit through a trusted tailor will get you the perfection you desire; i.e., clothing that fits you to tee which will guarantee a topnotch poise to your aura.

The Final Touch: A Big Bright Smile!

An outstandingly expensive suit or a striking designer dress will never be complete unless harmonized with a perfectly confident smile that not only spreads from ear to ear but bursts from the eyes. With this one last accessory from nature, that self-confidence, poise and optimism will always be on perfect check and trail along with you wherever you go!

The writer is the business development manager at Hariom’s Tailor & Textile. He may be contacted at