Tips To Take Care of Your Custom Suit

Now you’ve got the suit of your dreams, you found the fit you love, the fabric, your style is all about you and your taste. You fill in that wardrobe with your precious collection and tender to each suit like a protective mother over her child. One fine day, you come home from work and find a nasty intruder – moths! 

As much as its important to select the right tailor to fit your needs when it comes to custom-made clothing and selecting a style that stays snug and fit on you, it is just as essential to take care of your suits, which took so much time and effort to be made. Review our simple tips below, which we have rounded to 5 easy bullet points to please your memory!


Problem #1: Moth Protection – like a threatening disease, these insects may be small but can ruin your suit within seconds! 

Solution #1: Suit Storage – Clean and Press suits after use and hang them in Cedar Closets. Another alternative would be a normal closet out of direct sunlight should also do the trick. Wrap your suits while travelling in a garment bag.


Problem #2: Cleaning Many tend to hesitate acquiring a custom tailored suit or any luxurious attire for that matter due to the ‘tending’ factor in terms of cleaning. Popping your suit into the washing machine is something you should never do if you want to see it the same way again.

Solution #2: Dry Cleaning – Not only do professional dry cleaners make a man’s life easy, it also ensures your suit is perfectly prim and prop whenever you want to wear it. However, ensure that it’s done only a couple of times a year or when needed.


Problem #3: Making the suit durable – With the hectic life we have today where most of us are running from business meetings to parties or even the supermarket, suits are often taken for granted. Pockets are dumped with daily objects like keys, cardholders, etc. 

Solution #3: Go easy – Loading the suit can strain its joints, so go easy. Unbuttoning our suit and even pulling your pants up a little when you sit can ease the pressure put on the suit so not too much fabric is pulled. Also, give your suit a days rest after wearing it; like you it needs a break!


Problem #4: Removing dirt with no wash – We mentioned before that your suit does not need everyday washing; in fact that is exactly what would lead to its quick wear and tear. There are other quick ways to deal with everyday dust; however a small measure of discipline is required.

Solution #4: Brushing – Brushing your teeth daily ensures a good hygiene and promotes oral health. The same way, it is necessary to frequently brush your suit to remove any dirt, dust or buildup lint on your suit. It will also revitalize the wool and prevent it from shining. 


Problem #5: Hanging your suit the wrong way – This is a very important aspect of Men suits, which many tend to ignore. Besides the right way of storing and cleaning, the appropriate way of hanging can definitely ensure your suit remains crisp despite its age of years. 

Solution #5: The correct way Ensure that your suit jackets are hung on a coat hanger that has broad and rounded shoulder support made of wood. Never hang them on metal wire hangers, as this will dismantle the shape of your suit. If a hanger is not available, then simply fold your suit jackets inside out to prevent any possible dirt spoiling the outer fabric of your suit. 


With these easy and simple day-to-day tips, you can certainly ensure a longer life span for your suits and jackets making you feel as confident and elegant as though you are clad in a brand new suit, each time you wear them!

The writer is the business development manager at Hariom’s Tailor & Textile. He may be contacted at